Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Understanding relationships

Never would I of thought that my life would turn out the way that it has. Am I upset about it? Absolutely
not! I feel blessed to have what I have. But here is what I wanted to talk about today. I have many relationships in my life. Everyone from family, to friends, to co-workers, and all the above. Some mean the world to me, and some are those relationships that do not require all the work that a true close relationship takes. I wanted to write a little about relationships, partly because I read my brother's blog earlier today, and I wanted to discuss how my relationships with certain people mean more than I could try to explain.
Let me start with the most vital relationship that has kept me going my entire life. My parents, I am going to split up the parents and talk about them individually. So if you are not looking to know how I feel about the most important people in my life, then I would stop reading now, if you are interested, then continue to read. I am not writing this to hurt any ones feelings, this is my blog, and I am writing from the heart. I am writing about who is vital in my being, if you don't make the list, it doesn't mean I don't think you are important. I am just writing as it comes to me. Here we go....(this is going to be a long one)
My Mother: Where do I even start when it comes to my mother? First and foremost, my mom is my best friend! My mom is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Her unconditional love astounds me. No matter what I have done, gone through, or the decisions I have made in my life, she has been there love me, hug me, or cry with me, or yell at me or whatever was needed at that moment. As I get older, I now understand the patience my mother had to of had when she was dealing with me as I grew up into an adult, and still to this day. She is not done being my mom, she never will be! Her understanding and complete devotion to me and my family is what I strive for in my life. If I become a fraction of the woman my mother is, I will count myself as a success!
My Father: Wow, here we go. My dad. The constant man in my life. My everything! My relationship with my father is one of the strong ones, if not the strongest, relationship in my life. My father is the example of what a man should be. His work ethic, his love for his family, his love for his wife, his love in general astonishes me. I read my brother's blog and he gives a definition of love in most of his blogs. When I read his definition of love, I think of my father, and how he loves. He, like my mother, loves unconditionally. But unlike my mother, he will fight with me until the bitter end. If we disagree, most of the time we have to agree to disagree. He keeps me on my toes. He keeps it real for me, his advice in unmatched, and truly there are not enough words to explain the love I have for my daddy.
The brothers and sisters-in-law: I have two wonderful brothers, Scott and John, and their beautiful wives, Melissa and Jennifer. Growing up with two older brothers can not really be explained unless you have lived it, you can't try to understand it. I loved being the little sister. Scott is so much older than me, so he had everything cool. Cars, and girlfriends, and band, and trips and everything. I was so jealous of him growing up! He got to do everything! Then there is John. I count him as my best friend growing up. Poor John had to deal with me more than Scott did. I still think back at the times I knew John didn't want me around, but he still let me hang out! The love a brother has for his sister is amazing! Both of my brothers have supported me through a lot, let me tell you! I am going to break it down a little bit more. Scott: He is so smart I want to punch him in the face. He is always right! Which is good for me, I always have a a freaking Encyclopedia a phone call away. Recently, Scott has been someone I can emotionally rely on. He has listened to me cry, and bitch and moan, and everything else women do. He has been nothing but amazing. The feelings he has on family and the way he loves his wife is wonderful. I look up to him more than he knows. John: Have you ever had that best friend that no matter what is going on you can look at them and crack up like crazy? That is John and I. We have always been close. We have had the same circle of friends our entire life. Its kinda like Ross and Monica on Friends. John has been there for me emotionally as well. He is always there for me no matter what...even if that means moving an apartment in 110 degree weather, 2 months after moving you into it. (On the fourth floor of an old apartment building, 20 miles away from his house, with a tiny elevator, with no cold water to drink) That's love people! John's philosophy in life is awesome YOLO!!! You only live once! I wish I could think of life like that! He has worked so hard to be where he is at. He deserves it all.
The sisters-in-law: Melissa: Melissa was introduced to my family a little over 10 years ago. I was living in Arizona when Scott met Melissa met. She is so awesome. She has been someone who always is there to talk or chat or make me laugh. Her and I do not have the closest relationship just because we are both so busy, but I love her more than she knows and she is just full of love and laughter. She keeps it real for me too. 
Jennifer:  Where do I start with Jen. We met through mutual friends about 9 years ago or so. Her and I were not friends to begin with, but soon after became inseparable. I truly consider her one of my closest friends (I have 3 true best friends) she is one of them. She has been there through boyfriends (good and bad ones) weddings, divorces, everything I have been through as an adult, she has been there. Even though we fight like sisters, I wouldn't have it any other way. Then she married my brother, which is a match made in heaven. I love her more than I could ever explain!
OK so I know that my family are obvious close relationships in my life. I have a big extended family as well. Many of those extended family members I have close relationships with as well. Some more than others, and all of you know you are important to me, but I am only going to talk about 2 extended family members. Remember: I LOVE ALL OF YOU!
My Grandmother Fairchild: Silly Grandma as we use to call her. She is so amazing. Grandma and I have a very special relationship. I can call her and talk about everything. I can laugh with her, I can cry with her. We just understand each other on a level where no one else can reach. This last year of life has been a roller coaster, and she was one of the people that kept me on track and really understood where I was coming from. She will just let me talk. She will listen and listen and listen. Its hard to find someone who will just listen to you. And she does. Then she will let you finish and say whats on her mind. She gives me advice that I use on a daily basis. I don't think she knows how important our relationship is to me.
My Cousin Rachael: Rachael and I grew up mostly apart. I moved form Arizona to Tulsa the first time when I was 18 months old. We would visit Tucson and I would see her and stuff but out relationship did not blossom into what it now until she moved here from Texas. Instantly we were inseparable. I would be at her house everyday. That is not exaggerating either. EVERYDAY people! She has become someone I can confide in, and laugh with, talk to, cry with, blow off steam to and have all the inside jokes in the world with. I can call her at anytime and just vent, or joke around. Her wisdom has helped me so much this past year. Her friendship is very dear to me, as I said before, I have 3 true best friends, she is the second one!
So I have gone through the family I wanted to discuss. I love all of my family, but these are the close ones!
Outside the family I have only 3 people I consider close enough to discuss in this blog. So here we go.... True Best Friend # 3: Chelsea (Dunlap) Legrange:  Holy Crap, other than family, she has been in my life the longest. Since 4th grade Chels has been a friend of mine. She has been there through it all. All of my firsts, first loves, first boyfriends, first trespassing ticket, first car, first prom, first everything! She is truly amazing. She works so hard for what she has. She is one of the strongest people I know. She can handle anything! She is married to wonderful man and has a beautiful little girl. She has helped me get away from the bad boyfriends, helped me understand myself, she has grown up with me. I can tell her anything and not be judged. She is as close as a friend can be. My relationship with her is irreplaceable. I don't know what I would do without her!

There are people in my life I find very important. Many I talk to on a daily basis, or weekly. But some people, like family and Chels have been there through everything! I count my blessings, and I am so blessed to have these people in my life. I have many people I talk to. I can't name everyone, and again if you aren't on the list, it doesn't mean you are not important, I love you all. But these key people have cried with me, and listened to me, and helped me with my decisions. I truly love you guys, and I just wanted everyone to know a little bit how I feel about you and how important you are to me!!