Monday, February 4, 2013

Ramblings and Thoughts

I would like to say first, this is my blog. These are my feelings. I know some will disagree, but this is how I am feeling tonight. Please read, and if you would like to leave a comment, please feel free.

     As more time goes on and I become more and more aware of this world, and why things happen the way they do, I have come to the realization that no matter what happens I have to continue to have faith. While sitting in Greenville, SC today, I was made aware of a school shooting in Coweta, OK. No it did not make the national news, because no one was shot, it was a suicide by a student. It is so unfortunate that things like this happen. We can blame, bullying, we can blame, gun control, or the parents, or whatever you want. Here is my thought, unless you are the person who has made the decision to commit suicide, or go into a school, or a public place and open fire, then you don't have the room to say anything.
     New laws, or more gun control, or parenting classes, or even more religion, is going to fix this issue. Unfortunately for us, people are going to do what they want to do no matter what is forced on them.
As many of you know, I am VERY religious person. I live MY life, as much as I can, the way God would want ME to. I do believe that my role in life is to glorify GOD in everything  I do. As a Christian, I believe that is what I am to do. But not everyone is a Christian. Other Christians also believe the foundation that I believe, but have many different views on the "Christian Religion" So I know as Christians, we are to spread the Word of God, and believe me I believe that, but when others force their thoughts and views on to someone else, it frustrates me.
       I have seen on Facebook today many friends saying, gun control, or bullying is the issue, after the news of the school shooting in Coweta. I know it is difficult to understand why someone would take their life. If you haven't been there, then you haven't been there. But, something was going on with that child. Something was wrong. Be it at home or at school. Was it bullying? Maybe. Was it their parents? Could be. Was this child depressed? Crazy? Under the influence of drugs? again, maybe.
I know I am rambling, but my thoughts are not all together right now. I do not feel like I force my way of life on anyone. You can ask anyone who is close to me. They know what I believe. They know my faith, but I don't force it, or even use it as a weapon as I saw today on Facebook.
If you knew the Christian faith, it is our job to "plant the seed". To let people know our faith, to share our faith, and live like Christ. Condemning someone because "there isn't enough God in school" in my opinion is wrong.
        Christ loved everyone. He was not judgemental. He loved. Period. That is MY belief. I am absolutely aware of other faiths. Being in the profession that I am in, I constantly travel. I have gotten out of the "Bible Belt" that is Oklahoma. It truly is like a bubble of every type of Protestant church you could think of. I know not all believe in Christ, and I know of some good friends of mine that are actually Atheists. Even though we do not agree on a religious standpoint, we do agree that there are many flaws with society as a whole. As I said before, I had some friends on Facebook today state that the shooting and everything are happening because we don't have GOD in school. Or that we, as a society, have pushed GOD out of our schools. In my opinion, that is not true. If you want truth, to pray in school, is not illegal. To hold a church service during lunch or any other time, that does not disrupt school, is not illegal. We as a society, have forgotten GOD. The government has nothing to do with it. My friend, William Poire, who is the Oklahoma State Director of American Atheists, INC has opened my eyes, and my heart, to truly understanding what it is to be a decent human. Christian or not, his organization and William himself, has taught me more about my religion then many of my Christian friends. He truly is the example of what a "good person" is. No matter what he "believes" him and I have had many religious discussions and debates concerning lots of issues. This issue, the one that I am having tonight, we agree. GOD is still in schools. Government has not taken that away from us as a nation. We did it to ourselves. This is how I see it.
        There is a story out there about a husband and a wife. And how when they were younger, the wife would always sit next to her husband on the bench seat of the truck. She wanted to be as close to him as possible, because she loved him so much. As time passed, she started moving further and further away getting closer to the passenger side door. Their marriage started to have issues, and she felt distant from him. The problems that the wife saw were distance and no communication. Finally, the wife was fed up, and told her husband that she felt like they don't connect anymore. That she felt alone, and unloved, and that he was doing nothing to try to fix it. That's when the husband said, I never moved, you moved away from me. The woman drifted from her husband, where her husband was steady and stayed strong, waiting for her to come back. That's how I look at religion and how our society is now. WE (as Christians) HAVE MOVED AWAY. We can try to blame anyone but ourselves. But think about that story. As Christians, are we afraid to stand up? Do we not contain the knowledge necessary to make an informed decisions about what we think we know and what we know? How can we throw the first stone knowing that we ourselves fall short?
        I know a lot of this doesn't make sense. What I wanted to get across tonight. I do not feel like, as a Christian, I can use the word of GOD, or the lack of GOD in the schools, or anything along those lines, when I do not have the full understanding of the 1st Amendment. Government has not taken GOD out of schools, we as Christians have taken OUR GOD out of schools. If you want GOD in school bring him yourself. Don't force your religion on someone. Why do you think it is okay for Christians to force "GOD in Schools" How would you feel if your child was forced to be a part of an Islamic prayer? Or your child was forced to celebrate Hanukkah? Its not fair to be the "stereotypical" Christian, and force our religion. Again, it is not our government taking God out of schools it us. Before you go around using the Bible or God as weapon, please understand how to use it, and that not everyone in this world is a Christian. Remember, Christ loved EVERYONE! Not just the Christians. Aren't we supposed to be like Christ?