Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Weeks...and some more

Well, Mom and Dad have been gone for 5 weeks now. Everyone keeps asking if it is getting any easier, and to be honest not really. Yes I get to talk to them and and I get to see them over Skype and FaceTime. But they aren't home. I wish they were but I am still working through it. I completed Northen California/Nevada. I was in Fresno, for training then moved on to San Leandro for go live. San Leandro, which is near San Fran was beautiful. Got to do a lot of sightseeing like, my my blog said last time. So currently, I am on beautiful Denver, CO. I am a third in a training room. I am with Tim and Steven. Jon is still close so I didn't completely lose my partner Jon Jon. It is interesting to see how other trainers do train. I mean you get into your groove and you do things certain ways, then you come into another room and they do everything absolutely different. It is a good to see different things and learning how others train across the USA as we continue to do this.
I am still loving my job and loving moving around this country. Denver is beautiful, nice a cool and beautiful. Only been here a day or so, but temperature wise, it is awesome compared to Oklahoma. So, I know this was short, but I wanted to give my readers up to date.

Love to all!