Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SAP, BPP, yeah you know me......

I know, the title is kinda dumb, kinda have to understand SAP. But things are going well. I am working like crazy, and loving it.
So I am not always one to complain, I mean I complain, but who doesn't right? Well I was at my hotel last night, working on some stuff for work when I got finished. I decided then that I was going to watch The Bacholorette. Now this is not one of my favorite shows, I enjoy it, I like to see the drama involved, its just fun!
So there I was sitting in my dark hotel room, sitting in my chair, wrapped up in my blanket, getting involved, Ashley went on her date with Ben, (my favorite) by the way, and I was like okay, I can relax, watch this show, see who goes home, then go to bed. Her date with Ben was amazing, just how it should be. Then her date with Constantine. (Or however you spell it). I haven't been too sure about him, and if he has fallen in love with Ashley yet. I just don't think that they are right for each other. Anways, the whole reason for this story, it was right at the point that they were talking about their relationship, and how he feels..........then boom, ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT, and I am like, I hope there is nothing wrong anywhere, and I hope that no one is hurt.....then the DEBT CRAP with OBAMA came on the TV......RIDICULOUS!!!  I was so angry, I had "choice" words for the TV and the president, who decided to interrupt my television show. I understand this is important, I understand some people are worried, and upset about the whole situation, but I do not agree with how the president is dealing with this whole situation. I am not going to get into a political discussion, its just how I feel. I do not know enough about the current situation to discuss it any further.
But everything else is going good, I have my conference call tonight...so we will see how that goes.

Will write more later!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cleveland ROCKS!!!

So sorry for the title of this blog. Kudos to Mr. Drew Carey for the title. I have been in Cleveland for a couple of days now, and I am loving it.  Found out who I will be training with and so far so good. Meeting new people, forming relationships and business contacts is going well. I am taking on more responsibility, and taking on project to train my peers, kinda scary, but good scary. :)
Living alone in a city that you know nothing about it pretty crazy. Thank God for Skype. Without it I dont know what I would do, I actually get to Skype with my wonderful nephews this evening, and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!! Can't wait to see those two! My family through out this whole process has been nothin but supportive.  Ever since "the change" as I am going to call it, they have been there, but let me tell you old friends from the past have been showing up in my life as well, and let me tell you, I learn so much from other people it is crazy! Here is an example,
I had an old friend call me last night, and he is going through a rough time, with relationships and jobs and stuff and he asked my opinion on how to kinda deal with it. Well I first got on my soap box about how religion and your personal relationship with God should be your foundation and how you are to cast ALL your cares upon him and he will help you. Which in my opinion is what needs to happen first and foremost!!! But then I just got on a roll. If I have learned one thing about my journey this past year, is that instead of living your life for other people you need to start living your life for yourself. I was not put on this Earth to be at someone else's beck and call, and to do what someone else wants to do. Selfishness, is a big issue everywhere, but selflessness is as well. You need to find that happy medium between the both of them. You can not be  a door mat, nor can you be a spoiled brat!  The conclusion I came too last night while having this discussion with an old friend is that I don't care if someone gets mad at me, I don't care if someone thinks I am doing something wrong, or against the grain. THIS IS MY LIFE. I am going to live it the way I want to, not for anyone else, not for someone else's schedule, not for anything except me. Why be a door mat? Most of the time all your gonna get is dirt and sh*t. I have learned that I can be there for someone, be supportive and sit and chat if needed, but I am not going to give up my life, to make someone else happy anymore.  I need to put myself first. Once I am OK, then the rest will fall into place. I do not NEED and man in my life, is it a want, well of course, a necessity? Not so much!  Do I NEED children?  No, but I do want them one day. But that day is not today! I need to make sure that I am OK, financially, spiritually, and mentally before I let someone else come in. I don't want to try to find myself WITHIN someone else, I want to be LISA, take it or leave it!  I am going to get there, and I want that everlasting love and happily ever after just like the next girl, but I am willing to work for it, and not settle for anything, and just like the old saying, anything that is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and I am applying that to my life, my career and even to relationships....
Now that I am off my soap box, I hope you enjyed this blog....there will  be more in the future!!