Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SAP, BPP, yeah you know me......

I know, the title is kinda dumb, kinda have to understand SAP. But things are going well. I am working like crazy, and loving it.
So I am not always one to complain, I mean I complain, but who doesn't right? Well I was at my hotel last night, working on some stuff for work when I got finished. I decided then that I was going to watch The Bacholorette. Now this is not one of my favorite shows, I enjoy it, I like to see the drama involved, its just fun!
So there I was sitting in my dark hotel room, sitting in my chair, wrapped up in my blanket, getting involved, Ashley went on her date with Ben, (my favorite) by the way, and I was like okay, I can relax, watch this show, see who goes home, then go to bed. Her date with Ben was amazing, just how it should be. Then her date with Constantine. (Or however you spell it). I haven't been too sure about him, and if he has fallen in love with Ashley yet. I just don't think that they are right for each other. Anways, the whole reason for this story, it was right at the point that they were talking about their relationship, and how he feels..........then boom, ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT, and I am like, I hope there is nothing wrong anywhere, and I hope that no one is hurt.....then the DEBT CRAP with OBAMA came on the TV......RIDICULOUS!!!  I was so angry, I had "choice" words for the TV and the president, who decided to interrupt my television show. I understand this is important, I understand some people are worried, and upset about the whole situation, but I do not agree with how the president is dealing with this whole situation. I am not going to get into a political discussion, its just how I feel. I do not know enough about the current situation to discuss it any further.
But everything else is going good, I have my conference call tonight...so we will see how that goes.

Will write more later!!!

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