Wednesday, August 13, 2014

20's Pssshhh

The last day of my 20’s! Wow! SO much happened to me in my 20’s. I fell in love, got married, fell out of love, got divorced. Gained 2 sister in laws and 2 awesome nephews and a beautiful niece. I have worked everywhere form call centers to gas stations and Airliners, Best Buy and foundries. Now I work for Airgas as an SAP Trainer. I travel the USA teaching. Glamorous, I promise. I have had over 15 roommates in the last 10 years! WOW! I have had long hair and short hair, I have had straight hair and curly hair, and my hair has been black, red, blond, brown, and every color in between. I went from glasses to contacts, to nothing and back to contacts. 
I have seen people I love get married, and divorced. I have had the unfortunate experience of losing people I love as well. I watch both my brothers become amazing fathers, I have seen my parents become grand parents, and I have seen them move half a world away and back again. I have lived in 12 or so difference residences. (Not including my parents house) ((I lost count how many times I ended up back there))
 I have been apart of Churches and left some churches, but now I can say I found my church home. I have CRCC and my family there is starting to grow. I have the privilege of going to church with my parents, and having them now just 6 miles away, rather than 7000. 
I turn 30 tomorrow. I have so much planned for my 30’s. But my plans are futile. God’s plan is what is important. I look forward to His plan. To everyone who was apart of my 20’s thanks for the memories, to the ones that will be there in my 30’s, get ready, big things are going to happen!! 

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