Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kingsport and Conference Calls

Well, It is finally 2012!!!  Woo Hooo!!!  Happy New Year to all!!!! So lets get started!! I had an amazing Christmas and New Year with my family! It was wonderful to spend some time with them all! Wonderful lunches with both of my brothers, wonderful craft time with my sister-in-law, and for New Years Eve, an amazing dinner with the entire family! Lots of time spent with my Mom and Dad, who are the best ever! SO enough about all of that.
Met someone over my little break. He is so sweet, just an all around nice, smart, cute guy! Taking things slow, and seeing where it takes us, but pretty much amazing... more to come on that front I am sure. Now about work.....
I am now in Kingsport, TN. This town actually used to be called Salt I kinda like Kingsport a little better! Today was a nice day, in the low 50's but now, we have a winter storm getting ready to pass through. The wind is howling out there!! So hopefully it wont be too bad tomorrow. My training room is ready to go! All the stuff I needed to get done is done, and now all I have to do is wait for training to start!! I am excited to get started again, and with my partner Jon, it looks like it is going to be a blast!
So I do have a funny story to tell you guys, and my CS3 trainers will really get a kick out of this....tonight, I held a conference call. All the trainers were on there, along with all of my bosses and old bosses and like everyone you can think of. Well someone was talking, so I kinda leaned away from my desk and looked up on the ceiling. Well guess what?? A HUGE GINORMOUS (yes Fred I know Ginormous is not a word) bug was crawling on my ceiling!! Of course, I can't say anything because I am in the middle of a conference call that I am leading so I unplug my computer and start moving away from the bug, while I am still training everyone on the, I have to deal with this bug, and the conference call and everything else....SO the call finally ends, then my phone rings, it is my boss...we have to talk about some of the things on the call, and discuss some different stuff, all while this DAMN bug is crawling all over the ceiling. So I finally get off the phone, and call my partner, who happens to be in the same hotel ( thank God) and I ask him to come down and kill the bug!! It is awesome having Jon as a partner by the way....So in between the time of Jon coming to rescue me from the big bad bug, I decide to make a video blog of this adventure. (I do a video blog too by the way)  ((those are hilarious))  Okay anyways, I am video blogging on my Ipad, and showing the bug to the Ipad, I turn the Ipad towards me and I am vlogging (sp?) and the DAMN bug takes flight......I am like SERIOUSLY???? JON NEEDS TO GET HERE NOW!!! So finally, after what seemed like an hour, which was probably just a few minutes, Jon comes in an kills the bug!!!!  YEA!!!!!!!!! No more bug in my room.
I know this whole story is kinda long and drawn out, but if you were here and watched the whole thing....ummm you would be on the floor laughing. Yes I do have an issue with bugs, and I am not proud of it, but it does give me something to blog about, rather then you guys always hearing about my job!
So that is my story for the night. I hope you guys enjoyed it. The vlog is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen, by the way!

I will blog more later!!
Love all of you!!!

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