Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kingsport, then Fresno.....

Well, It has been a while since I have written a blog, so here we go! (By the way, this is a shot of Kingsport, TN. I drove past this the first week I was here, and I just thought it was beautiful) Things are AMAZING! I am loving training with BJB my partner, couldn't ask for a better one!!! We have had an extra trainer here every week. Week 1 is Diane Ewing, and Week 2 is Eric Turner. Having a blast with both of them, and learning alot from them as well. Kingsport training is going well. We have wonderful students, like Barney and Lewis...crazy boys! But I have been able to train more and more and learn more and more. Just loving the job still!!! So we have found out where we are going to be for NCN, FRESNO!!! Holy Moly! So excited for Fresno! I have plans for Yosemite and other stuff. My parents might come out one weekend, so it will be fun. In my last blog, I said that I had met someone over the Christmas holiday, and I am happy to report, things are still going amazing! Tim and I are having a blast. When I am away from  home  it sucks, but we are doing okay with it. (it is so weird having a boyfriend) Anyways, Tim will be coming out to Fresno while I am out there too! So that will be fun! Looking forward to Go Live here in Kingsport! And some of my old students are go live buddies now!! I am so proud! But not much more is going on, just work and Tim.
This past weekend, I went to Bowling Green, KY! I met up with Freddie, Ken, Jeff, Jimmy, and Johnny Savage! It was an awesome weekend. Corvette Museum and caves, and dinner and bowling, and cards. It was so much fun! I have missed those guys so much!! We have plans of getting together again in NCN! So it should be fun again!! Love my training team!!!  SO I will write more later!!!

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