Saturday, March 3, 2012

1,073,088,000 Seconds

1,073,088,000 seconds -  1 billion, 73 million, and 88 thousand seconds.
17,884,800 minutes - 17 million 884 thousand and 800 minutes
298,080 hours
12,420 days
1,774 weeks
408 months
34 years
Equals:   1 Marriage (So Far)

I am a rarity when it comes to "kids" of parents who are still married. My parents married 34 years ago tomorrow. When I saw the calculations above I was astonished. My parents have spent more that one billion seconds married. (I don't know about you... THAT IS A LONG TIME)
My parents have taught me a lot about life, about love, and about respect, attitude, religion, and everything else. I have a lot to say tonight, so here we go....
The Bible defines love very simply, God is Love. (1 John 4:8) Love is mentioned in the Bible 697 times in the NIV version. Love is obviously important. I have been thinking about writing this blog for a while now, and I really sat down and thought about their love and their marriage and this is what I came up with.
There are not two other people in this world that love each other as much as my parents love each other. They are the definition of love. They love with out boundaries. That kind of unconditional love that you only think is a fairytale. That oh my goodness, can one person love another that much? But it is true. They love more than anyone I know. But here is the kicker. They love each other that much, and yet they still have enough love for their children, and grand kids. Our family has grown from the 5 of us, to now 9. Two spouses, and 2 grandchildren. They love each of us in their own way. And it is always enough. If i could truly explain it I would, but I can't.
My parents met in high school. (I know, High school sweethearts) They graduated and married in the spring of 1978. They lived in Tucson, Arizona and had the three kids, Scott, John, and then me of course (the favorite) in 1984. In 1986, we moved from Arizona to Tulsa, Oklahoma. That's when I start remembering stuff. My dad worked, and mom stayed home mostly with the kids. My mom worked as well. I would come home from school and mom would be there, and as the kids got older, mom worked more, and there were times when my dad would be home instead of mom. (Dad always had awesome snacks when we got home from school) Thanks Dad!
 In the early 90's my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I barely remember this time. I was so young. But I do remember that my father was there every step of the way. Chemo and radiation and illness and crying and prayer and support. I remember thinking how lucky my mom was to have my dad there beside her though that.
My parents were youth pastors at our church. Their dedication and willingness to serve our God also taught me alot about what kind of person I wanted to be. After mom's cancer our family became even more close than we already were. When something so devastating happens, you try to understand why or how. But our faith is what pulled us through. We knew God had a plan. My mom then worked at Tulsa's Cancer Treatment Center. I believe that God put her there for a reason. She would just be there for the patients, and hold their hands and cry with them and pray without ceasing. My mom would bring me up there, and I met some of her patients that I still remember today. They told me how much of a blessing my mother was. Back then, that's when I started to realize what kind of woman my mother was. She has no clue how amazing she really is.
In March of 1999 my father had a heart attack. I was 15 years old. It was a Friday. The day after their wedding anniversary. My dad, (the most important man in my life) was lying in a hospital bed. That strong amazing man, who I have looked up to my entire life was having a heart attack. I didn't know how to handle this. I don't think I comprehended the fact that he was actually going through this. But the thing that I remember most is my mom being by his side just like he was there for her. No matter what life threw at my parents, they got through it. By the grace of God, I still have both of my parents. PRAISE GOD!
After all of this, the kids grew up, graduated school and moved out. Got married, (got divorced) and had grandchildren. My parents today, are more in love than ever. They dance, they travel together, and enjoy each other now more than ever. Now that I am an adult, I see God's love in my parents marriage. I see what God's definition of marriage and family is. I LIVE IT! How blessed am I? My parents do NOT understand their importance in my life. When people say there are not enough words in the English language to explain something, its true in this case. I am proud of who my parents are. I am proud that I can say that they are my parents. I am astounded by their love and kindness and understanding and unconditional willingness to love me even with my faults. That is what I was trying to get to. Even though I have made mistakes and continue to, NO MATTER WHAT, they love me. (Just like God) So when I say my parents marriage reminds me of God's love, that is what I am talking about.
SO to my wonderful, amazing, inspiring parents, Happy Anniversary! I love you both more than I can ever explain. I am proud to say that you are my parents. I am proud to tell everyone that you are celebrating your 34th year of marriage and I wish you many more years of love together.

I love you both so much!!!

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